Flight Delayed …

Many of our friends and family asked how we felt on Wednesday when the Glenn procedure was canceled … It felt like we had boarded the plane, buckled our seats and were headed for the runway when our plane turned back to the boarding dock. When flights are canceled or delayed part of us feels so angry and yet another part feels relieved.

I was a bit disoriented walking back to the car with Noah in my arms. I had rehearsed the day over and over again. No where in my hours of rehearsal did I imagine we would be buckling our baby into his car seat and driving home.

Once we arrived home the cold that we were chasing away, hit me full force. I went straight to bed and Sean, along with our parents, held down the fort. I slept much of the day away and straight into the night. When I woke up at 6:30am it felt like a truck had hit me the night before. I saw Noah sleeping sweetly in his crib and Sean sitting nearby. Sean and I didn’t have to exchange many words. He was staying home to care for me AND Noah and all at once he was Superman … again.

The days are blurring together now. Noah is doing a great job staying well and thanks to many friends, I have great medication that is helping me feel much better.

… in the back of my mind I see next Wednesday creeping closer. We must put the Glenn behind us; we have to take that flight. My heart begins to ache all over again and at the same time, I am excited.

Niccole and Noah Connally

Niccole Connally